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In recent years Beach Weddings have become more and more popular.

Maracas Bay Hotel is ideal for your wedding on the beach. You and your guest can be accommodated at the hotel,  the reception staged at our open air  bistro, Bandanya, and what would be nicer than spending your honeymoon in a hotel  that is located right  on Trinidad's most famous beach?


There is a small RC church near the hotel, but you can arrange for your wedding to be held on the beach itself.

Enquire about our special Wedding Packages :
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Fax: (868) 669 1643

e-mail: maracasbay@tstt.net.tt   or    info@maracasbay.com

For non residents of Trinidad and Tobago the following points need to be observed:

  1. Non residents may apply for a special marriage license: they have to be a minimum of 75 hours in Trinidad and Tobago, which does not include the arrival day. The cost of a special license is US 50.00 ( TT 300 ), valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  2. Application of a special license: the couple has to appear together at the District Revenue Office, Port of Spain, corner St Vincent street and Independence Square ( ANSA/MCAl building) - tel.: 625 2886 from the fifth day of arrival.
    Office hours Monday-Friday 8.00 am - 3.00 PM
    Call for an appointment beforehand.
  3. Bride and groom have to show their IDs.
  4. Bride and groom must bring with them proof of non resident status: immigration cards, passports and return airline tickets.
  5. If divorced or widowed, original or notarized copies of relevant legal documents have to be produced. E.g.:proof of divorce or death and previous marriage.
  6. Legal documents of any name changes have to be shown.
  7. Persons under 18 need to produce documented consent from their parents or legal guardian.
  8. All non-English documents ( except the passports ) have to be accompanied by notarized English translations.
  9. Marriages may be performed by a certified marriage officer on any day, between 6.00 and and 6.00 PM
  10. All marriages are considered civil, except for Hindu, Muslim and Orisha ceremonies, which have additional requirements. The special license must be shown to the marriage officer for the ceremony to be carried out.
  11. After the ceremony the marriage officer must deliver the original marriage certificates to the Registrar General's Office, Jerningham Street, Scarborough to be registered. After this a fee of TT 37.50 must be paid to the Treasury Office of the Tobago House of Assembly for two legal marriage certificates. The receipt has to be presented to the Registrar General's Office where the certificates will be issued and can be collected after three working days.
  12. It is advisable for the couple to check the requirements of their country to legalize the marriage both beforehand and afterwards. Most countries do recognize our marriages as legal, but some require certain additional procedures at Consulates/High Commissions/Embassies in Trinidad or upon return to their country.


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