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our bistro on the beach

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A name you won’t soon forget.

Like a trusty and reliable friend in times of need, Maracas Bay Hotel’s stylish restaurant always delivers whenever your culinary cravings kick in.

Our menu, a mix of local and international cuisine, was even sampled by the crew of "The Thirsty Traveller", an established programme on The Food Network, which is viewed by cable television audiences throughout North America.

Appetizers range from Stuffed Crab Backs to Caesar salad. Astounding kingfish and shrimp delicacies dominate our seafood offerings, while our Prime t-bone, Grilled Pork, Grilled Lamb and Pork creole entrées are guaranteed to join your list of favourite dishes.

Don’t forget to end things on a sweet note. From Trinidad-Style Ice Cream to our specialty house cake, each and every one of our desserts make a statement.

With its 40-foot high pagoda roof and hand-painted teak pillars, Bandanya adds aesthetics to each of your dining experiences. Since it is open on all sides, you will be constantly cooled by the ocean breezes, while enjoying unhindered views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Northern Range.

Ah yes! A sumptuous meal while being serenaded by the local rainforest birds.  It’s never too late to grab a plate!

Mixing exotic fruit punchAqua

Spicy rums. Sublime spirits. Colourful cocktails. Crispy brews.

Liming (hanging out) at a bar in the Caribbean is always an entertaining experience. Aqua ensures that the opportunity for fun and good times is not spurned.

Once our experienced bar keeper mixes your cocktail and punch or serves up one of Trinidad and Tobago’s renowned beers, it’s all a simple matter of kicking-back, relaxing and savouring the moment

The bar is open until 9pm.

Aqua bar











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