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Frequently Asked Questions

The beach across from the hotel



Q: Do you have a pool?

A: Regrettably we do not...but as we like to say we have the biggest pool in the world right in front of the hotel.

Q: Do we have non-smoking rooms?

A: We do not have assigned non-smoking rooms but because of the airiness of the compound and the fact that our rooms are tiled - not carpeted we have had no complaints about smoke odours in the rooms.

Q: Are meals included?

A: No they are not, except for breakfast, but meals are  available at our restaurant or bar.

Q: What time do your front desk and bar close?

A: We normally close at 9pm nightly but if there is demand at the bar we will often stay open longer to serve guests.

Q: How far are you from the airport/capital?

A: We are about 1.5 hour's  drive from the airport and about 30 minutes from downtown Port of Spain.

Q: Do you have a taxi service or airport shuttle?

A: We do not but we can make arrangements for any taxi services you may need.

Q: Are there phones in the rooms?

A: No there are not. Many of our guests want to get away from the rigours of the modern world. Should you wish to make a call or have messages left for you- the front desk will be happy to help.

Q: Do the rooms have kitchenettes?

A: No we do not have (or allow) cooking appliances in our rooms. This would be a potential fire hazard and would also lead to cooking smells in the rooms/compound.

Q: How far are we from the beach?

A: The beach is right in front of the hotel across a small village road
(approximately 15 feet to the beach from our front gate).

Q: What about my personal safety? I hear that there is crime in Trinidad.

A: Maracas Village has been (fortunately) quite free of crime - certainly we have had no  incidents of violent crime recently. The police station is only a short walk (1/5 mile) from the hotel and we have security on the premises. Nonetheless, as all travel books will remind you, it is always sensible to take normal precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

Q: Do I pay more for a room with an ocean view?

A: No. All of our rooms have an ocean view.

Q: What do you have in your rooms?

A: We are a simple hotel and our rooms are simply equipped. All rooms have two double beds, remote controlled air-conditioning, toilet and bath and a private balcony.

Q: Do you have televisions in your rooms?

A: No. For news hounds, we are pleased to offer BBC World in our lounge.

Q: Do you have organized day trips and tours?

A: You just tell us what you want and we will make arrangements for you.

Q: What is your policy regarding tipping?

A: We do not charge a service charge like most hotels, so tipping is at your discretion. We recommend a 15% tip for the dining room ( if you are happy with the service) and a small tip left in the room for housekeeping. It lets the staff know that you are pleased with their service and will most likely put a smile on their faces.

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